soul selling on ebay

Trying to get rid of things that I don’t want AND make a profit before I move, I’ve found that selling things on ebay can be both lucrative and frustrating. I had some good experiences and some “ok” experiences. I just looked up information on a darth vader collectors carrying case from 1980.

This”prize possession” is from my monkle mike who donated this piece to my fanatical cause in high school….

Here’s what a website said….

If you’ve recently found one of these cases in your attic, and you’ve come to this page in hopes of finding out what it’s worth, turn back now because it’s not worth spit. In fact, if it’s possible for something to be worth less than spit, the Darth Vader Collector’s Case is that something. You see, every male child in America had one of these things. I think owning one was even mandated by law in some areas of West Virgina.

What impact does this strange but true fact have on the collectability of this item? Let’s just say that, in the eyes of most of today’s collectors, loose Darth Vader Collector’s Cases are like the Star Wars hobby equivalent of tribbles (yes, that’s a Star Trek reference)– they seem to reproduce and multiply until you’re literally drowning in the things. I have dealer friends who’ve taken them to collectibles shows and tried to give them away. And, honestly, I have at least five of the things lurking in my basement at this very moment. It’s almost scary.

Oh well I guess I tried. Meanwhile I looked on ebay – he’s right. they’re not selling.  Maybe my 1984 fisher price karaoke machine will do better


~ by Laurel Schmolze on April 11, 2008.

One Response to “soul selling on ebay”

  1. Dude! You have a fisher price karaoke machine from the early ’80s!? Is it the brown one, with the big ka-chunk buttons?

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