Something about sleep

tired meThere’s this part of me that functions at one end of a spectrum. Sometimes I think I’m at the other end of the spectrum. I guess I swing, on the pendulum back and forth between my personal dichotomies. I was able to get some work done last night, as well as spend the day with my Mom. It was nice. I felt like I got to show off some of the things that were important to me, and, additionally, take a nap. Went to visit my wise friend who had vacationed for a few days. Talked, laughed and traded thoughts. It was relaxing and replenishing in a unique way. Read about the 40th anniversary for cubicles and saw the perfectly created cubicle. I feel like I can appreciate the modularity or modular-ness of the designs. A friend is in San Francisco this weekend but I’m going to be doing other things, family things,  so I won’t be attending the conference or hanging out and discussing franken-oprah. This is unfortunate. Not the family part, but the not seeing my friend part.

I feel and look tired. I think that is Ok. I’m looking forward to a good cup of coffee, some breakfast, and the aquarium. I’ve missed 43 tweets since I slept. How busy the world is whilst I go inside my head and process. I can almost feel the cogs turning today.

Meanwhile I am concerned about the fact that my fantastic energy saving lightbulbs have mercury in them and are basically toxic if broken. This concerns a girl who typically breaks/drops/ruins things. Insert concerned face here.  Why don’t we have recycling programs? I know that Ikea does – but I’m sure that is just for their own stuff. [grimace].


~ by Laurel Schmolze on March 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Something about sleep”

  1. It isn’t quite recycling in the sense that those lightbulbs would require, but check out “Freecycle” (there is a local chapter that is easy to join). Anything that isn’t worth the trouble of trying to sell, but is still useful enough to be kept out of a landfill, can be listed there. It’s good to see people taking the time to do what they can, and it has inspired me to attack spring cleaning on a whole new level.

    As for sleep…what’s that? And where can I get me one of those spiffy “nap” things? :p

  2. My cranial innards are coalescing into a hearty soup of tiredness as I write this … and oh, BATTLE HAM!!!

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