Lack of sleep makes Molzee a dull kiddo…

I’m house sitting. Some of you have heard about this experience. The house is gargantuan, but entertaining and the people who are letting me stay here for free and kind and gentle souls. While they are away doing, whatever one does on vacation when they have a house this big, I am left to field of problems. One of the lights in the bathroom exploded (died) and I thought I was being shot at. I realized it was not an intruder, but instead just the light blowing up. When I find a tall person, I’ll get them to figure out what sort of light needs to be replaced. The bird, is an interesting experience as well. The bird does not like me. At all. So I whistle at him whenever he chirps coldly at me.

But back to the important piece of information… the lights. Their lights are set with special settings. Apparently when these settings go haywire, the lights turn themselves on and off at random. Thereby waking me up at odd hours of the night. The first night it happened, I was really confused. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. After three nights of insanity, I’ve had it. Last night I spoke to the son of the family and he told me what to do to reset the settings, and promised it wouldn’t happen again. Weirdly enough, lights that I can’t reset started turning on and off. The light re-setting didn’t work either because starting at 6am, there overhead lights were on and off and on and off multiple times. I tried to fix them, turn them off, and cover my head, but nothing worked because they make a horrible clicking sound when they go on or off, and that wakes me up more than the visual disturbance.

I’m about up to *here* with the lights. I just can’t handle it. I may go postal if I have to sleep there one more night. I’m having a meeting with the two other house occupants tomorrow night. We’ll see what happens.

Over and Out


~ by Laurel Schmolze on June 26, 2004.

One Response to “Lack of sleep makes Molzee a dull kiddo…”

  1. heehee. I remember when the lights were a problem. Weeeeeeeird.

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