Big Ups

It’s blog-tastic. I’ve joined the masses and got myself a blog. Blogs scare me because they are like journals. I have been severely afraid of journals since I left 4th grade, and my life turned into a book that I don’t want everyone reading. My mother instructed me to “never write something that you don’t want everyone to read!” I’m doing hold onto that.

Big Ups is from the movie “The First 20 Million is the Hardest” Wow. Can I just say, this is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Computer Nerds Unite. My uncle showed it to me, and I’m about to purchase the DVD. I liked it that much, and now I can say “Big Ups!” Just like the movie. Currently, I am in Los Angeles, working, but I have developed a weird cold that has led to laryngitis. So I’m sort of scratchy. Actually I sound like a frog/horse. Interesting thought eh?

I saw “Chronicles of Riddick” Which was surprisingly good. Then I chilled in the Ramada Inn bar on Vermont. High class for sure… This underground bar is tiny, dark and has a hint of skeezy. Met a nice couple from York, England. Why is everything around me related to the UK!?

I’m reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. I’m trying to make sure that I do not disrespect punctuation by messing up my apostrophes.

Hope I succeeded

Over ‘n out.

~ by Laurel Schmolze on June 16, 2004.

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